Republicans also retained control of the Pennsylvania legislature and Minnesota Senate, ensuring divided partisan control of redistricting in both states. Additionally, the passage of a referendum in Virginia removed control of redistricting from the Democratic-controlled legislature to an independent commission. However, in New York, Democrats gained a two-thirds super-majority in the State Senate and held their super-majority in the State Assembly, giving the party full control of redistricting. Michigan became the 13th state to include privacy protections in a state constitution, and the third state to add such protection by ballot measure. Regularly-scheduled elections were held in 10 of 43 states that elect attorneys general. The previous Attorney General elections for this group of states took place in 2016, except in Vermont where Attorneys General only serve two-year terms and elected their current Attorney General in 2018.

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But it seems as if Cohen, who wasn’t on the campaign payroll, was working with Trump to pay off Stormy Daniels. Business Insider also stated that Trump could be guilty of misappropriation of funds. Since the president was using government funds and military aid for his own personal gain, this counts as a theft of taxpayer money. In a situation with a quid pro quo, where Trump was trying to bribe the Ukrainian administration, the use of funds could be seen as theft. “I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign,” said Bill Taylor, one of the Ukrainian diplomats.

Listen to what he's saying and you should start to understand why it's foolhardy to call this vote either way.Most of the outstanding votes are in counties which on average vote heavily Democratic. Admittedly the Australian vote was a bit of a 2016 'wtf' moment, but there had been some pretty serious changes to the electoral system , and it would appear the models just where not reading how they'd pan out properly. A Trump upset would mean a seven-figure loss for MyBookie, which has taken seven figures of action on the election, surpassing the betting handle on February’s Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl. Trump is -250 to win Ohio over Biden (+190), who leads by 190,000 votes with 57 percent in.

Their political betting markets match any other site on this list. Not only do they offer high limits, but there are betting markets available for every state and even future odds for the 2024 Presidential Election. They have a massive list of betting options for the Presidential election, including a massive list of each state’s propositions, the popular vote, and more. Below you will find helpful information about placing bets at political betting sites, strategies, plus other resources to help you pick a winning candidate. Well, for starters few betting options are able to sit on the board for years and keep bettors actively engaged. On Tuesday, West Virginia became the first state to offer legal betting on the next U.S. presidential election.

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Rothschild’s site puts a heavy emphasis on the gambling markets, one that increases as Election Day nears. On the heels of the first presidential debate, he gives Clinton a 70% chance of victory. Because their record in past elections has generally been more accurate than that of the pollsters. In 2012, both the final national polls and the betting markets had Mitt Romney and Barack Obama essentially tied for the popular vote. But the betting markets never wavered that Obama would win, while the polls favored Romney during the first half of October.

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Our model also simulates what would happen if the race moves, or the polls are biased, in similar amounts in like states. We calculate similarity between states by comparing their demographic and political profiles, such as the share of white voters who live there, how religious they are and how urban or rural the state is. Our model is updated every day and combines state and national polls with economic indicators to predict a range of outcomes.

Betfair has odds on a GOP victory in Pennsylvania at 7/4, with Dems at 4/7. According to recent figures from the US Elections Project, more than 64 million early votes have been cast at the time of writing. “Since his odds were as high as 99/1 in March, when it looked unlikely he would even win the primaries, Biden has come in for steady support, and seen his odds shorten dramatically. With just one week to go, Mr Trump has a narrowed the gap between himself and Mr Biden’s odds.

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But that doesn’t diminish Vaccaro’s point, nor his desire to put up odds on this wild campaign, which he’s been doing at the South Point Hotel Casino’s sportsbook ever since Trump joined the race. With just one week to go, at offshore sportsbooks and at shops in the betting-mad United Kingdom, Clinton remains a substantial favorite, with odds hovering around -300 – meaning one must bet $300 to win $100. Meanwhile, Trump is in the range of a +275 underdog – meaning a $100 bet could bring in $275. Scheming is what he’s up to now—and not only for the presidential race. When Inslee first became governor, the state Senate was under Republican control.

The graphs and tables, below, show the odds for President-Elect Biden and all other candidates on the board. If a vaccine for the coronavirus is released in the coming months, it could improve Trump’s odds. Signs of economic recovery prior to the election could also improve his standing. The staff here at will be working on getting a new page together for the Presidential Election in 2016 sometime in the near future. Unfortunately, this will probably be our last update to this page unless something major happens in the meantime. We really appreciate all the Facebook likes, tweets, Google +1's, and all the other support that you have given us leading up to the culmination of the 2012 election.