Today Ghanaian players enjoy one of the best climates for online betting anywhere in the world. Online betting in Ghana has revolutionised in recent years and it’s not stopping pace any time soon. Whether you’re new to online betting or not - at BetBlazers we’re here at hand to give Nigeria players everything they need to get started in the world of online betting.

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One of the most important tips is having a betting journal . I only started recording each of my bets recently, and the improvement since then has been massive. However, the bookies exploit this fact and generally informative post offer less valuable odds on the underdog. All in all, it’s easier to find greater value when betting on favourites at shorter odds. When you bet on short odds, you’re likely to win small amounts but on a more regular basis.

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Playing further down the field, centre-back Sergio Ramos recently brought up a century of goals in the whites of Real Madrid. If outfield goalscorers were not enough, there have also been goalscoring goalkeepers this century. These are not custodians whose hopeful punts upfield elude everyone and pierce the net at the other end; but bonafide goalscorers who are entrusted with penalties and free-kicks. So without further ado, here’s a look at the most prolific scoring XI since the turn of the century. Two Wimbledon matches have been flagged for ‘irregular betting patterns’ and are under investigation by the International Tennis Integrity Agency.

This means that the basic strategy is actually a very important part of the game, and without applying it, you may end up losing a lot more than you need to. Short selling occurs when an investor borrows a security, sells it on the open market, and expects to buy it back later for less money. Spread betting refers to speculating on the direction of a financial market without actually owning the underlying security. That said, it's still a legal and popular practice in some European countries, particularly in the United Kingdom. For this reason, all examples quoted in the following strategies are cited in British pounds, or GBP (£).

Table 6 outlines the performance of each team over the course of the season against the line. Given each team plays 24 games plus finals, it is quite difficult to work in this market, as for one team to win, another must lose. As previously mentioned, the Raiders, Tigers, Sea Eagles and Knights were teams that were most successful for the model. Given the fact that each team only experiences one bye week per season, the best way to analyze statistical data regarding the occurrence is through long-standing trends. In sports betting, trends can consist of data that go back as little as a week or two or span across many years.

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Sports betting systems are where consistent money can be made. It is near impossible to gain an edge in a casino but with sports betting there are ways we can reduce this edge and in some cases have it in our favor. Gambling and betting strategies do vary considerably in levels of risk. Some systems are very conservative and look to churn out a small percentage of money from every bet. Whilst other betting strategies have much larger rewards but there are no guarantees of any returns at all. Lineups - Teams with superior lineups have the best chance at scoring runs and winning games, but due to player injuries and rest time lineups change daily.


Log into your account and you will find a rebate of up to 8% from the previous days horse wagers. Wagering on Win, Place, Show, or Exotics will earn you a rebate. The final exacta wagering strategy, which places more money on the higher probability combinations as identified by your handicapping. You play an exacta part-wheel keying #5 to win with 6, 7 and a second part-wheel with 6, 7 with keying #5 to place which is 4 exactas at $15 each.